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Professional production of tent manufacturers
8 years of experience
in outdoor products,
tent multi-color options    accept patterns     logo customization
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Shade canopy
of experience in outdoor products
10ft X 10ft tent is one of the most orderedstyles by customers at home and abroad  
Tents are essential for outdoor picnics
Focus on the production of outdoor 
products for more than 8 years
committed to providing high-quality all types of outdoor tents
We provide a diverse product portfolio and excellent services

Our factory is located in Taoyuan Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province, China, the production workshop is more than 6000 square meters, the number of employees more than 100, the factory mainly produces a variety of tents, such as outdoor awning, parking shelter, disaster relief tents, tent racks, tent cloth and tent racks, accept color and pattern customization, the factory itself has a very good price advantage, product quality, by the majority of overseas customers recognized, repurchase High rate, welcome the majority of overseas Chinese compatriots to consult and negotiate, thank you!

Excellent Quality
Professional Production
floor area
number of people
We provide one-stop chemical services and are committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions to meet their chemical needs.
External material
Our outdoor tents are made of Oxford fabric, which is waterproof, windproof and UV resistant. The fabric has been specially treated to resist abrasion and effectively prevent cuts and tears.
Ventilation Design
The doors and Windows of the tent are designed with multiple vents to ensure the circulation of air and effectively prevent moisture and snow.
Multifunctional use
Our outdoor tents are not only suitable for camping, but also serve as temporary shelters. It protects you from the elements outdoors, providing you with a safe space that is warm and dry.
Customized service
Our tents can be customized patterns and logos, suitable for exhibitions and other scenes, a variety of sizes and colors can be selected, so that you can buy the desired products

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"Quality is the cornerstone for enterprise development; Integrity is the driving force for enterprise development". Choosing us means to choose high-quality and to be assured.
by the majority of overseas customers recognized, repurchase High rate, welcome the majority of overseas Chinese compatriots to consult and negotiate, thank you!


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 :No.522, Fuwusan Village, Taoyuan Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province, China



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